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More than just decor.

Our stickers and posters help you

raise happy & savvy kids,

with a wonder for life and a

sense of responsibility.

Kids love BennyLila & Co


Available in Kindle and paperback versions

J. F. Prieto is an author,

and the founder of Benny Lila & Co.

I'm Benny, master at thumb wrestling.

I love adventures, dinosaurs, and want to be an astronaut when I grow up. First time I saw a picture of Earth from space I fell in love with it. I want to protect it, and everything that lives in it. Lila is the same way, I think that's why we are such good friends. She's cool.


I also want to learn to play guitar, and fly kites.


What about you?

This is Benny
This is Lila

I'm Lila, and I love elephants.

This is Bernini, the street dog

I also love pink… 

Benny is my best friend, of the human kind. I have Bernini, the dog that we found one day wandering in our neighborhood. He's the best dog ever. My parents say I'm a dreamer because I care about animals, nature... and want to have lots of friends from everywhere, who share my passions, and believe they can change the world.


Are you a dreamer too?

Who are
Benny and
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